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The Board of Directors is responsible for setting the tone of the companies’ culture so to leverage its capabilities and establishing the scope of its possibilities.


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Why tomate®?

At tomate® we deliver a unique, original proposal to our clients from the Corporate Governance world.

tomate® is a simple food on the outside, strong and nourishing on the inside, as it houses a solid structure that protects the essence of the Company and the seeds that ensure its continuity.

tomate® is a source of vitamins where companies come to in order to grow robust and healthy.

tomate® is the simple but perfect ingredient to help vitalize the good functioning of Corporate Governance in the LATAM region.

Our Products

Today’s companies and organizations require good corporate governance practices to carry out their purposes.
The kind of negotiation we use in tomate® is based on ensuring good relationships among the parties by investing great effort in it.
Best international and local practices encourage learning by the boards and its members as a necessary way to improve corporate governance.






tomate® has developed collaboration relationships with persons and companies that, sharing basic styles and tenets, complement our value offer for the development of the corporate governance practices.

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The Paradigma Commitment

The Paradigma Commitment [TPC] is a company based in Monterrey, Mexico. The company started operations in 2000 with the following areas of expertise:

  • Strategic alignment and mobilization
  • Redesigning business processes and value networks
  • Executive leadership and development
  • Administrating innovation