Corporate Governance

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Strategic Foresight

Strategic short-sightedness as illustrated by recent companies failures imply rethinking the abilities of the board of directors. Foresight allows the company to maximize future freedom of action. To do so the board of directors should enrich it’s conversations (in latin conversatio means “change together”) to bring the ability to be adapted to new scenarios. To improve strategic foresight, tomate® has three products complementary each other, our value offer.

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Board of directors Structuring

A core competence at tomate® is to help structuring a better functioning board of directors. The need to have a better corporate governance sometimes responds to:

  • To keep the dynamism in companies value creation. A more professional board of directors is key to have an outstanding Management team.
  • Regional expansion.
  • Initial Public Offerings.
  • Family owned companies which requires strengthening their sustainability.
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Acting with diligence requires not only worry about shareholders but stakeholders.

El "tono de la cultura" que establece el Directorio, ya sea con conciencia de ello o simplemente por defecto y la gestión integral de los riesgos, son aspectos críticos que se abordan por tomate®.

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