Management Workshops


tomate® stakeholders interact with board of directors to recognize and practice new concepts that enable the functioning of the board of directors in the following aspects:

  • Help to expand the knowledge of Corporate Governments best and new practices, contributing a new model of distinctions.
  • Understand and identify key practices and processes of board of directors.
  • Develop practices that guarantee the performance of board of directors.
  • Recognize the contribution that each one of board members makes in the board’s results.
  • Recognize the internal barriers that hinder achievement of the purposes of the board of directors.
  • Rescue the sense of respecting the rules of ancestral behaviors contributing to the efficiency and the coexistence in the sessions of their board of directors.
Throughout the workshop board members shall:
  • Make evaluations of the environment and the circumstances in order to determine, in an effective manner, the future possible actions, through common and shared reflection.
  • Appreciate the kind of power the board of directors have and recognize their states of mind.
They shall learn to observe within and outside themselves:
  • Interpret the facts and determine the possibilities that make up a long time relationship.
  • It is better to ask the Management and ask each other; to carry out strategic anticipation conversations; to predispose the states of mind to carry out future conversations; to coordinate with each other their actions by managing agreements, especially those governing their constitutive tasks.
  • Build relationships based on trust, on mutual respect and on the impeccable fulfillment of their promises.
During the workshops there will be:
  • Face-to-face and reflexive sessions: consisting of sessions led by the tomate® stakeholders, who will present the theoretical, conceptual and technical framework of each subject. This framework is actively complemented with the questions, observations, contributions and analysis of board members. Its purpose is to share the latest trends in connection with Corporate Governance and the experiences and better practices of other industries, companies and/or functional areas.
  • Simulations / games: These tools will be used several times along the workshop to illustrate in a concrete manner the issues viewed. Thus, board members will have the chance of testing their abilities.
  • Group dynamics:We believe that the richness of the workshop comes largely from the exchange that occurs among board members and not only from the issues analyzed.