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tomate® stakeholders interact with board of directors to recognize and practice new concepts that enable the functioning of the board of directors in the following aspects:

  • Help to expand the knowledge of Corporate Governments best and new practices, contributing a new model of distinctions.
  • Understand and identify key practices and processes of board of directors.
  • Develop practices that guarantee the performance of board of directors.
  • Recognize the contribution that each one of board members makes in the board’s results.
  • Recognize the internal barriers that hinder achievement of the purposes of the board of directors.
  • Rescue the sense of respecting the rules of ancestral behaviors contributing to the efficiency and the coexistence in the sessions of their board of directors.
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Upgraded Director Program

We believe that many of the problems of board of directors known by the business community originates in the lack of a professional look of it’s functioning, as an eminently human process.

The UDP consists of six sessions, where the different board members may learn of and analyze the most relevant aspects that involve being a professional board member.

Anticipation is a key factor in the functioning of a good board of directors. This is achieved mainly by enriching the conversations of the board in order to enable the company to adapt to the new scenarios.

It is around this “anticipation” axis that this Corporate Governance Program UDP is built.

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